The Naked Truth

Just read about a twenty five year old naked man in Los Angelos trying to commit suicide from an old rusty cross on top of a church building. He was eventually brought down and led away. The story of Christ's humiliation always challenges me to reflect on the areas of my life where I need to strip back. Here is a meditation I lead the other night at St Mary's. I find it hard to understand. Why would God The Father God the Son And God the Spirit Three all one, Agree as one Feel as one Live as one Allow as one The Son to be stripped Laid bare Before Such Hate Then I think again He stands stripped Always stripped Nothing to hide The naked Truth Alone Pure Undisputed Integrity The same on the inside The same on the outside Stripped He is transparent His clothes hide no shame No mark No blemish Adam stands again Innocent God the Son It is we who hide Behind clothes Labels Brands Crouched Behind Closed door Closed hearts Closed minds Living out our secret thoughts and sins Covering up Covering over Pretending Preserving Our own Kingdom Yet You Became Sin For me For us Stripped again Of righteousness Wearing our shame Wearing our guilt Wearing our shabby sin So why would God Endure The shame Be stripped and stripped again The question Is asked In heaven's name And from the throne a voice replies God loves sinners God loves sinners God Loves sinners Here in my nakedness Stripped of self My righteous rags Fall to the ground Clothe me Lord From head to foot Let your grace flow over me By Grace I have been clothed By faith alone

Posted By: Jimmy   On: 4 Apr 2010   At: 11:33am

Thank you, that’s kind of you.


Posted By: italker   On: 3 Apr 2010   At: 10:05pm

Yeah Jimmy just ideas that drop unto your head. Looked at your blog and enjoyed your poem about get old and reflecting on the past.


Posted By: Jimmy   On: 2 Apr 2010   At: 7:17pm

“He is transparent”

Is a wonderful reality. This I believe is the place to where God is leading us, where his light can pass through us without casting a shadow of darkness.

(Not this side of the Jordan though.)

I assume you write the unnamed poems on your blog. I have three short poems for good friday on my blog you may be interested in having a look at.

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