The PC Churches verses the Mac Church

[kml_flashembed movie="" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /] Someone was telling me recently how they went to church in one of the cities here in Scotland. The whole experience rather than being uplifting was full of the cringe factor. It was "a too good to be true church". You know the type. Before you get over the door, they've got your name and address and they've also supplied you with the nearest bible study group to your house.Finally, it was the "high fives" that eventually made the whole experience a bit of a farce. Maybe we need to look at how we do things in church. In our eagerness to make people welcome we can turn them off. I found this video clip on YouTube, I think it makes a good point. What do you think? Give me your thoughts.
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Posted By: Danny   On: 21 Sep 2007   At: 4:04pm

Hi Albert…thanks for the comment on the funerals post, Was thinking about your Friday funeral ...not an easy one.

The Diana effect is real, but not necessarily negative. We need to connect with people at funerals, to share good news and to help them move on. I like your Thomas idea… it communicates a journey - and some stops on the journey are far more difficult than others.


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