The Royal Wedding

What a fantastic time everyone had at the Royal Wedding last Friday. There was a wonderful inter-generational feel to the whole day. It was great to see well over 80 people turn up to be part of the celebration in the church hall here in Bo'ness. A huge thank you to the superb organisational skills of those who took upon themselves to make the day such a memorable one. We at St Andrew's Bo'ness used the Royal Wedding as an excuse for having a good time and catching up with friends we haven't see for quite some time. The food was excellent and the company was engaging. So what of the Royal Wedding you might ask? Well I thought the whole ceremony was excellent. i is my prayer that this wedding allows others who are thinking about marriage to seriously embrace the idea. Someone once said to me, " When you get married you are freeing each other to begin to love " I guess it is the idea that when you make the commitment to the covenant of marriage it is the covenant that allows you the freedom to enter the relationship in a more confident way. the commitment to each other in pubic acts as a confirmation that your commitment to each other is for life.
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