Themes Dates and Times of Worship Services

God’s Covenant of Grace – An invitation to Live in His Presence.

Morning Worship Commences at 10.30am Evening Worship at 6.30

This is an outline of sermons based on verses 19 -25 from chapter 10 of the Epistle to the Hebrews. I would like to use these verses as the jumping off point to explore places in the scripture where we can begin to fire imaginations and begin to explore the bigger picture of the purpose of creation redemption and resurrection.
In practical terms what does it look like to live godly grace filled lives? Do we still need to talk about going to church or is it more about being church.  How can we sustain Christian faith as we face the challenges of 21st century living?
God is calling each of us to know him better and live our lives to the full. He offers us a Covenant of Grace explained in detail through the life and death and resurrection of Jesus.
The sermons will hold before us the implications of the resurrection of Jesus Christ for Christians in today’s world.
In searching to know God more, we will be invited to reflect more upon eternity and how God breaks into the present to invite us to live our future legacy in the now.
Drawing near to God will always bring us into what the Celtic Church called “thin places’ ordinary places made holy as heaven and earth meet. This may call us to re-assess the way we understand the symbols and tokens of the presence of Christ among us.


Sunday Morning Worship - 10.30am

August             04 - Let us walk the new and living way of sacrifice
                          11 - Let us feel assured by the presence of Christ
                          18 -  Children’s Holiday Club Service
                          25 - Let us journey with a true heart
September     01- Let us journey in fullness of faith -  Communion Sunday
                          08 - Let us journey with a clear conscience – Rev G Reid
                          15 - Let us draw near washed clean from head to toe
                          22 - Let us hold fast to that which we believe
                          29 - Let us urge each other to love and do good works –      
                          ( Harvest Thanksgiving)
October            06 - Let us not forsake meeting together
                         13 - Let us continue to in the certainty of God’s presence
Sunday Evening Worshup Evening Worship - 6.30pm

On Sunday evenings I would like to begin to focus on the place of Mission in the Church today. I’d like to make Sunday evening a time when we open our hearts and minds to the responsibilities that God has given us as a congregation. I believe it is important that we all understand the reason why we are involved in local national and international outreach programmes. Attending church on a Sunday evening over the next few months will enable all of us to understand the wider vision of our congregation. I also hope that it will help us all understand more what Jesus meant in Revelation   when he said “ Look I have set before you an open door which no one can close.” This text will be the key that I believe will help us understand that the door is open. We must now walk through. Please note from time to time the programme noted below may change a little.

August          04  - Communion Service – Roll the Stone Liturgy 
                       11 - Prayer and preparation for Holiday Club
                       18 – Healing Service
                       25 – Mission Connections – Promote the work
September  01  - Communion Service – Formal
                       08  - Youth Night – Special Focus on Gospel  - Awards
                       15  - Prayer and Focus on Internet as a Mission Field
                       22 -  Service of Thanksgiving For SocialOutreach
                       29 – Healing service  House Group Service?
October        06 - Sanctuary First
                       13 - Moving Out of the Building to Mission – CWW Week
                       20  -Thanksgiving Service  end the CWW
                       27 - Healing Service
November   03 - Sanctuary First 
                       10 - Communion
                       17 - Praise Night Focus on Overseas Mission
                       24 - Moving Out of the Building To Mission
December    01 – Sanctuary First
                       08 - Bereavement Service
                       15 - Nativity Service
                       22 – Youth Choir and Carols       

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