Things are gonna work out find!

 gath.jpgThings are beginning to shape up for the CWW National  Gathering.  The next few posts will try and keep you up to date with all the things that are going on in the background. I believe its going to be a great day. The sun will be shining and literally thousands of folk will be really enjoying the day just like we did when we all went marching to make" Poverty History".  The above picture is just a reminder of that day.Can I say that I feel really proud of the brilliant team that we have brought together to put on this event. Guy Douglas our project manager is just ace, unflappable keeping our work on schedule.  Neil MacLennan our operations man, is on the ball, he  has just completed the layout for the event. It looks really cool.  He has even given names to all the streets in the complex. New Testament names. So you won't get lost.  As for Peter Johnston our publicity man, his talents are legendary. He has just put  together a great little booklet outlining all the things you need to know about the event.  And because Neil has made up street names  the wee book is an essential guide to getting around the  site. We also have a first class administrator in Ann Mitchell, keeping all the correspondence and communication on the go. Ann's the one who will help you if you phone the CWW Office.Then of course we have team of managers each responsible for different aspects of the event and their contribution is beyond price.  I was just thinking the other day what amazing amount of talented ministers and elders we have in the wider church.  The real wealth of the church doesn't lie in bank accounts. The real wealth is people who seem to carry on despite the mishaps and disappointments that often get thrown our way.Anyway, it won't belong before it is all played out. How I pray that God  the Holy Spirit will visit us in a big way that weekend in Ingliston. Till then it is just about keeping everyone focused. It certainly is beginning to feel like something is stirring here in Scotland. Friday was really busy day for me. I gave two radio interviews one for Central FM and the other for Radio Forth. I also had the Sunday Times and the Edinburgh Evening News phoning me asking about the programme.Tomorrow evening I'm at Palmerston Place  Church in Edinburgh, taking part in one of four Prayer Gatherings that are taking place throughout Scotland for the National Gathering.  We really need to be covering this event with much prayer.  I'm delighted that the group Praying Across Scotland have been supporting us with their prayers. We've been encouraged by their interest. I've been hearing a number of really encouraging stories about congregations preparing for the event. It is just wonderful to hear about buses being booked and people preparing  for a gospel adventure.We've now had three congregations offering to buy tents for any congregation who would like to tell their story but feel they don't have the money. So if you know of any let us know.    Tomorrow I tell you a bit more about the wider team. 
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