Thinking On the Bike

Today was exceptionally bright and breezy. It was an ideal day to go a cycle run. I started out in the late afternoon thinking I'd go to Blackness, however when I reached Blackness I was tempted to go a bit further, so I took the route 76 which is a cycle route and found myself heading down to Abercorn Church. It was delightful cycle and as I arrived at the church yard you could hear the birds singing. I was reminded of Lewis Irving the minister at Abercorn who left the congregation in 1843 at the time of the Great Disruption and came along the shoreline to Bo'ness and helped start the Free church of Bo'ness and Carriden. This was to be the forerunner of the present St Andrew's congregation before the Union in 1929 when St Andrew's became part of the Church of Scotland. Its quite amazing what goes through your head while cycling. I've been reading Philippians chapter 2 in preparation for the sermon I will be preaching at St Giles during the Assembly week. Here Paul exhorts the Philippians to stay united. The reason for such unity is because of the love that Christ has for the church. How then can we stay united even when we have differing views? It seems to me that Paul lifts Christ as our example. We stay united when each one seeks self humiliation. Learning to empty ones self of everything, to die to self, to die to our own selfish nature. If he became like a man so we in turn must seek to become godly people. Of all the things that we need to be pursuing in the church surely it is holy lives. Lives set apart to bring glory and honour to Christ. Lives lived in obedience. I was glad to get back to Bo'ness two hours later still reflecting on the glory that comes through suffering. Its hard work pushing up hill against the wind.

Posted By: Helmut   On: 11 May 2012   At: 8:22am

Just had a look at the Cathedral Challenge video. Well pedalled!-

I, too, am enjoying Peter’s preaching. John is allright as well, only I have to concentrate very much on him speaking - long since that I’ve had that tune ring in my ears!


Posted By: italker   On: 10 May 2012   At: 10:13pm

I ride a reasonably modern road bike. It about 13 year old. I bought if for the Scottish Cathedral Cycle Challenge way back in 2000.


Posted By: Helmut   On: 2 May 2012   At: 10:18am

And now for something entirely different - what sort of bicycle do you ride? My favourite is my grandfather’s from about 1950, until quite recently without any gears, but excellent for pulling trailers or smaller bicycles. My other favourite is a lady’s pre-war bicycle, presently under repair. Possibly not very suitable for Lothian’s up-and-down?


Posted By: italker   On: 2 May 2012   At: 12:36am


Glad that you were able to catch up with peter again. I hear the congregation are enjoying his preaching.


Posted By: italker   On: 2 May 2012   At: 12:35am

Its so easy to take the countryside around which we live for granted.


Posted By: Mike Munro   On: 30 Apr 2012   At: 3:10pm

Well done, I didn’t know that section existed. Must be the Bogle pioneering spirit! Walking and cycling really do engage your thoughts, often hearing the small quiet voice.


Posted By: greta   On: 30 Apr 2012   At: 10:05am

Dear Albert, what a fascinating privilege to be “behind the scenes” to “look in” as you plan for the Days ahead in His service Thank you! We are in your area with our caravan and will pray for you as we travel the roads you were on,  yours in Christian love Greta

(it has been so good to see Peter preach again—-just like being back in Mount Florida! )

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