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Its official we're looking for a third ship. So if you know of anyone selling a Fleet Tender get in touch. Lest you think we're slowing down at the Vine Trust it won't be long until our latest addition to the fleet comes on stream. I'm talking of course about the barge that is just about renovated. If you take a walk down to Leith and find your way to the sign that says Imperial Dock and look across the water you'll see the barge. This is going to become the official home of the Vine Trust. The barge when it is complete will boast an amazing exhibition area, a small cinema, and interactive digital classroom, the Vine Trust office and an interesting performance area for the arts. We think that the barge will be the first centre in Scotland and perhaps the UK which will be dedicated as a centre for Global Citizenship. Over the next few years it is our ambition that thousands of young people will engage with the Trust as we begin to develop new opportunities for volunteering. Certainly by next General Assembly I hope that the barge will be on of the places that commissioners will make a point of visiting.
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Posted By: Helmut   On: 24 May 2011   At: 9:36am

Not that I knew of any ship just now - but how big a ship would you need? Living near Hamburg and having family near Kiel and knowing L├╝beck I might possibly come across something.

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