Vine Trust and Sanctus Media

VINE TRUST We were at a brilliant Barbecue on Saturday in aid of raising funds for the work of the  Vine Trust This was a real heavy duty barbe! Steaks all round! I believe they were bought at the auction in the Roxburghe Hotel last January. So the meat was put to good use to earn more money for the Trust. I'd like to say huge thanks to Gordon Stewart and his team of helpers  for putting on an excellent event. Of course the weather helped to make it an outstanding weekend. [kml_flashembed movie="" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /] Anyway here is a preview of the latest Vine Trust Video. We hope to get copies of this out to all the congregations within the next few weeks. Let me know what you think. If you'd like a copy contact the Vine Trust Office or drop me an email. Yes its another great production from SANCTUS MEDIA LTD SANCTUS MEDIA Talking about Sanctus Media, I had quite a creative day today working on the material to fill the new Sanctuary First website. We're hoping to launch this new venture within the next few months however we need loads of content on the website to attract potential users to return on a daily basis. the theme i chosen for the first month is "Faith and Mystery" I think it is a rich seam to develop over a month. The following four topics with be discussed on a weekly basis. 1. The mystery of God 2. The mystery of Creation 3. The mystery of the Church 4. The mystery of Worship I've made a start on the topic of the Mystery of God. part of the structure is to have a daily prayer based on the weekly topic and daily Bible readings centred around the theme. We hope to offer worshippers the opportunity to comment and reflection the weekly topic. Then one a month everyone will have the opportunity to meet together and share in an event centred around the theme of the month. If anyone feels they'd like to get involved with the creative writing side of this project please get in touch. BOGLE'S PARAPHRASE I will give you all the strength you need. I myself will even help you. In fact I will hold you up with my own hands. Isaiah 41.10
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