What do you think about gadgets, Lord?

423788514_51dad2cf66_t.jpg What you think about gadgets? I was wondering what you make of the gadgets we have today? Are you a gadget person? Do you approve of technology? For instances, mobile phones, computers, cars, mp3s, ipods, and shuffles. Some of the disciples don't approve. They say we should sell them all? Give them up, give the money to the poor? But then they still have electricity for their toasters their shavers their kettles. So they confuse me. Lord, I do feel guilty, when I look at all the stuff I have. I don't know what I'm going to do with it. You know when my time is up. I guess it won't be my problem, but I do worry about it. So much more I could have done So little time - to do what's left. Lord, I think you just might be a gadget man. After all you made us, and does that not imply a level of ingenuity or gadgetry? We truly are wonderfully made.
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Posted By: Rae   On: 18 Mar 2007   At: 9:29pm

We are so much more intricately designed than an gadget made by man that only God could make us.  Scientists are still trying to figure out how parts of the human body work.

I think your blog is great and you are doing a fantastic job maintaining it. Well done.

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