What Would Jesus Say To Gordon Brown?

gordonbrownAnyway all this talk of conflict in the government  and leadership criticism  of the Prime Minister reminds me of a few letters I've received  in my time  and I'm just a  humble Parish Minister.  What people forget is  it can be hurtful and especially to your family. The truth of the matter is you will never please everyone. I learned that lesson and continue to learn it.  All this  has made me  feel a little bit of sympathy for the under dog, especially when the guy is working his socks off for the country, even if I don't always agree with his policies. On the other hand  the media, the public and the political opposition see it as their job to remind the government that no one has a tenancy  in No 10 for life. But as for his own party you'd think they'd know better. But hey,  jobs are at stake, and the I told you I know better brigade have got their long knives out~. However I'm convinced we've lost all sense of decency and propriety  when it comes to public life.  We've bought into the spin rather than the substance. We're hooked on image and instant solution. I actually think we're now running our country in the way that people run a reality show.  The media is turning Parliament into an X Factor or "Britain Has Talent Show".  The public are like the plebs in Roman arena, they're looking for blood.  The expenses fiasco has brought about an angry mood in the country. The problem is that no one makes good decisions when they're angry. And if the public are angry many of our politicians are too. I think they might be angry at themselves for not seeing this coming.  Everyone one of them knew the system wasn't right.  Why didn't they change it? Mmmm?  Some will be angry that they played the game the way they were advised to do by their accountants and advisors. Its the same moral dilemma that Bill Clinton had to face.  When reflecting on his past moral lapses Clinton once remarked in a speech  something to the effect " my greatest moral weakness was , just because I could , I did it."  Its the same with expenses and other legal matters. The law might make something legal but is it moral? In the end we have a moral obligation to oversee our own actions.  The problem is that we're all fallen people. People who sin - people who need forgiveness  - people who need to rid ourselves of guilt. And we are people capable of doing some of the most hurtful and mean things to each other. I guess this is what we are seeing being played out before our eyes. Its not country before politics its self preservation and the settling of old scores.  Anyway I wonder what Jesus would say to Gordon Brown today. You've reaped what you've sowed!  You're a failure  give up!  Perhaps not,  I think he might say " pay no man evil for evil", perhaps he might remind him of the prophet Micah    who wrote   "He has told you Oh man what you should do,  Love mercy, seek justice and walk humbly with your God. .  I think that's not bad advice to give to the PM. You know what most of us don't know the man, no doubt he  has his faults, who doesn't, but he must be under enormous pressure at this time. I hope he gets the support he needs from this party colleagues.  He has a huge hill to climb and  many have written him off. However public opinion is fickle  and the media is fickle. If he can hold on and the economy begins to turn around he might yet still be the hero who was down but not out.  If he can keep remembering why he came into politics and not lose sight of the integrity and justice bit , he may lose in the end  but in his  own conscience he will have won.   BOGLE'S PARAPHRASES When your right in the midst of it  all and trouble has overwhelmed you there is one place you can take refuge. Turn around from your trouble and walk straight into the presence of God. He is standing behind you all the time. Psalm 46.1

Posted By: vpcano   On: 9 Jun 2009   At: 7:42am

I think Gordon has moral integrity and is working his socks off. However I doubt the integrity of the people he has surrounded himself with. There is a lot of greed, ambition and posturing instead of an honest desire to do a job well for your community and the country. Humility seems ot be a dirty word amongts politicians, yet… they all claim to “love to serve”:.... serve whom? their own interests? their ego? It is easy for me to criticise, I would probably react in the same way if given the power and the ability to command, but how do we teach ourselves humility? How can we let God into our hearts to let Him do HIS work in our lives? How many politicians let God in their livesnot as a ploy to gain the religious vote, but truthfully, privately and honestly? how many pray, or open a cabinet session with prayer? It does not have to be a Christian prayer, but merely an acknowledgement of God in their lives and in their work. HAving witnessed the power of prayer as an opening to work related activities, I swear that it focuses my mind away from my petty individual concerns and reminds me the reason why I am even sitting in that chair amongst those people in my office. I wish Cabinet sessions would start with prayer.


Posted By: James Hogg   On: 9 Jun 2009   At: 12:47am

Well I think at least Jesus could sympathise with him having been in a similar situation where it seemed everyone was deserting him and people didn’t want to follow him or at least be associated with him. But i get the feeling the Gordon thinks he deserves his job, he served his time under Tony and now it is his time and no one is going to take it away from him. I think the “racism” is only a consequence of him being down, in the same way when people kick someone when they are down the focus on what makes him difference, remember there was none of the when he was riding high after he came to power and was dealing with the floods, iirc that autumn it was David Cameron having to fight for his political survival at his party conference. What annoys me about Gordon Brown is that for all his talk of moral compass, he employed people like Damian McBride, full well knowing what he was like then acting all surprised about what he got up to. And then prevaracating about saying sorry for it. I think Gordon should be leader though for one good reason, he seems to lack charisma, an important quality in someone in his position.


Posted By: iTalker   On: 7 Jun 2009   At: 11:46pm

Hi Paul

Thanks for your comments. you make a number of excellent comments. I know what you mean when you talk about the racist feel about the comments that seem to be flying about.


Posted By: Paul   On: 7 Jun 2009   At: 10:10pm

I’ve been watching this coming for a while now, and while I am not a Labour supporter (nor Conservative for that matter).  There was something that struck me when he first came to power.

Specifically, the English controlled media had it in for him from the start.  Yes he’s made mistakes.  All PM’s do.  It’s one of the hardest jobs in the world let us not forget that.  However down south especially he never really stood a chance, and the media probably correctly said he would be the last Scottish(at least accent wise) PM of the UK.

It’s hard to get going when you have everything against you, and I wonder if it’s racism of some sort he is facing, as well as the ire of a public whipped up with a media storm.  Of course Cameron looks good.  He has a Scottish name but an English accent, and he only has to disagree with the sitting Government to gain support and blame them for their problems.  We also do not know what our likely next Government’s policies are!  I’ve never known an election like this where the actual policies of the parties just don’t seem to matter.  People are voting not because of an informed choice or debate over the merits of one policy or another.  They are voting just to shout against the person they are told to blame for their problems, even if he had little at all to do with them.  You’re right it is Romanesque.  Have we devolved into the mindset of the mob?  I think so.  It is an exciting time, but it is also a frightning one.


Posted By: Hazel   On: 7 Jun 2009   At: 6:58am

I suggest you try to send this to him?

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