Who says you can't party forever?

We live in quite a unique little town. Now I know that many people think the same about where they live. And I think its only right that they should . Looking at the community in which you live and celebrating the good things about that community must surely add to what the social commentators will call, social and community cohesion. Certainly the annual Bo'ness Fair does just that. There is no doubt that many in our town feel there are aspects of the Fair that need to change. I'm sure they are right. However be It is truly wonderful to see so many people out to support and help each other. the Queens's Arch this year reflects the ingenuity of the Town folk. It deserved a first prize. have a look at the celebrations going out outside the arch on Thursday evening. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hXZaTjx0HQY&feature=feedwll&list=WL[/youtube] The Fair Celebrations are always a good to time to have a have friends round.I like having people round especially for a BBQ. Its all the preparation that goes into the event that makes the event enjoyable. What is it they say, "its better to travel than to arrive" You spend hours getting the garden tidied up and another load of hours shopping and preparing. Why is it that having friends round spurs you on to do your best ? I think its the expectation of enjoyment of fellowship of friendships being renewed. Then the party begins, friends arrive, stories are told, and before you can blink its over. The next morning is the big tidied up. I guess that's what we've just completed. The place feels empty now, but the garden still looks good. Oh and the streets are deserted in the town of Bo'ness but the Oueen's Arch still looks good. [gallery] So what can a person do? You can't party forever? You have to have the catch up moments, the tidy ups. Maybe in one sense you can, party forever, if you include the preparations and the tidy up as all part of the experience of party. Maybe that is what time and eternity is all about. Getting ready to celebrate. It also must of course include the challenges before and after.
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