Winter Mist On The Steam Train

img_16041There is nothing quite like a cold winter day in Scotland. If you live in Bo'ness there is always the added mystery of the steam train. I thought this picture turned out quite mysterious and magical. No wonder the old spiritual songs often centre around a "Gospel Train" No one ever knows where a day will end up or indeed what jouneys we will take quite uneaxpectedly. While you look at the picture have a listen to Gospel Train by Bogle Band This morning I was up bright and early. I was meeeting the film crew to start work on our usual Christmas Movie. Everything seeemed to go wrong but hey, we carried on in true professional mode and at least got the opening scene shot. A big thank you to Jim, Owen, Ian and Erica for their patience and brilliance. I think this is going to be a stunning movie when its finished. The script was written by Alec Shuttleworth. We are also working on an amazing sound track for the movie. Young Matthew Hannah has been working with Dave Mitchell to create an interesting version of "O Come O Come Emmanuel. So look out for it. just hope we have the time to finish it off before Christmas While we were filming others in the town were preparing to open the empty Woolworth Store. Thanks to a lot of hard work and enthusiasm from some of the young people from the A-Venue a very successful rumage sale was run and i believe they've raised over £400.00 this will contrubute to the costs of running the Christmas Experience that we hope to put on in the store next week. I really grateful to members of the other churches in bo'ness for handing in items tofay and also for overing to get involved in the Woolworth Project. If your interested in looking at more of my train pics click here
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