You've changed ! Who me? Never!

Glad to see that my old pal Jimmy Sommerville has been having a look at the blog. Actually his comments are quite true, he hasn't changed all that much, now that's more than can be said for me. I popped into the office this afternoon although I'm still on holiday. Johnny, our techy support person, told me he had been reading the blog. He said he liked the Living Stones then he said, "is that your picture on the blog? " You've really changed! Well that's true Johnny we all change. Except for sweet baby James, so here's a song from James Taylor for the man with the whiskers in the previous post. Even James Taylor has changed! Make sure you listen to this youtube clip. If it says its not working click on the menu the Dixie Chics version is just brilliant! [kml_flashembed movie="" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /] dsc008051.JPG This is my Gandhi look, as I prepare to fly out to India next week. I'll try and keep the blog going and relate some of the stories from our travels. I think it will be an interesting eight days. My colleague Willie MacPherson is joining me on this trip to look at some of the projects I have been interested in over the past couple of years. The seasons are also changing, Mrs iTalker and I, visited my sister and brother-in-law on holiday in Strathpeffer for a couple of days this week. Yesterday was such a delightful Autumn morning. I couldn't resist this picture it has such a cool feel to it. It says to me winter is on its way chill out. So I sat back yesterday and listened to some James Taylor and I chilled out. dsc00802.JPG

Posted By: italker   On: 21 Oct 2007   At: 11:39pm

Thanks Vikki, I know when you head out next month, you will find it a wonderful experience.  glad you enjoyed the living stones. When i get back I’ll see if `I can find some more tracks.


Posted By: Vikki   On: 21 Oct 2007   At: 10:48pm

Hey iTalker, must agree with Jonny enjoyed the living stones, and could only access the dixie chicks however this did not disapoint me, little bit a country little bit a rock n roll! ma kinda music. Thank you for this link to James Taylor one of my dad’s faves as was blessed assurance played this evening, so have ended the evening a little teary eyed however, after catching up with both Soul touch and iTalker’s blogs I smile and give thanks. Hope you have a fantastic trip, looking forward to hearing all about it on your return. PS. jury’s still out on the Gandhi look (and no mrs iTalker did not bribe me to say that)God Bless x


Posted By: italker   On: 20 Oct 2007   At: 12:23pm

Seriously, I just think Taylor is such a good song writer. I love his voice, and it is a kinda shocking to see these baldy headed men who were our icons as young people. However its inspiring to hear Taylor can still sing, and get gigs with the “Dixie Chics”


Posted By: Jim S   On: 20 Oct 2007   At: 9:41am

Thanks Albert -  totally flattered -  don’t think I’ve ever had a song dedicated to me before!!

But the line about

“sitting by the fire, thinking about women and glasses of beer” doesn’t apply to me at all!!!!



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