God’s Fleet

posted: 20 Aug 2014 comments: 0category:

I spent most of the morning on my knees picking weeds out of the gravel in my driveway.  I always feel there is something therapeutic about weeding. Its like the prayers of confession. IWe ask God to pick the weeds  of sin out of your life.   And often in prayer God  forces us metaphorically and sometime physically to be on our knees sorting out the mess we've made on the path of life.  Of course you have to get yourself into the frame of mind to do it the weeding and...
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Facing faith in the Festival

posted: 15 Aug 2014 comments: 0category:

FAITH IN THE FESTIVAL Streets are busy shoes on ground sandals on feet running late feeling well grounded. Hoping to meet the unexpected in a new idea in a different mood in a familiar place while reading an unfamiliar face  Hands hold drinks glasses clink sun glasses reflect the sky food is cooked stories are told songs are sung dancers turn and spin pictures are painted art displayed stretches the truth Everyone is telling a story in different ways. Its festival...
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Jubilee Hope Causes a Traffic Jam

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It seems a long time since Jubilee Hope left the Clyde on the 22nd January 2014  to set sail on the first leg of her journey to Mombasa in Kenya.  A lot of hard work and preparation has gone into making the ship ready for its long voyage of over 8,500 miles.  I remember going to look at the ship  before we bought it when it was the Dunster I think it was at Goole in 2010. I was commissioned to take pictures. I remember rowing around the ship in a rubber dingy taking...
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