A Prayer For the New Year

posted: 2 Jan 2015 comments: 0category:

May the Father, Son and Holy Spirit Protector and guardian of our hearts Turn  gently the handle of our lives today For we are more fearful than we pretend You who open the gate on each  new year Come and walk with us Guide and protect us from all danger Inspire us to think and understand in a new way Teach us about the mystery of faith Give to each of us the courage  To walk into the unknown Believing you walk before us   Open our minds to think and...
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Meet Nancy A Woman Who Stayed The Course

posted: 19 Dec 2014 comments: 2category:

For the past few weeks I’ve been thinking that its time I started writing the blog again. So here goes with my first post leading up to Christmas. On Wednesday I attended the funeral of Nancy Crawford. Nancy was my wife’s mother’s eldest sister. She died  last week aged ninety-nine.  If only she could have made  her one-hundredth birthday! I want to write a story about Nancy to encourage all of us to take seriously the promptings of God in our lives, especially when we...
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You Can Become the Change Maker

posted: 20 Sep 2014 comments: 1category:

The voting is over. The people have spoken. The referendum question has been answered. However, the answer raises a much more important issue, not only for our politicians but for all who, in anyway, are concerned about the common good of the people of these islands. The issue is, that we can no longer continue with business as usual, when so many of the electorate have voted to leave the union. Some who voted no, did so because they were promised that additional powers...
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