A Letter From Bethlehem

posted: 23 Dec 2012 comments: 0category:

Some of my readers will remember that I introduced Daoud to you in a previous post. I wrote about the man who refuses to make an enemy of those who want to steal his land. I received a Christmas update from him after sending him a link to my Christmas song. Please remember those people on both sides of the divide Israeli’s  and Palestinians who are praying for peace.  The Tent of Nations is seeking to build bridges at a local level to bring about peace. It is my prayer...
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Missing You - Bogle Band

posted: 15 Dec 2012 comments: 5category:

Christmas its a time of the year you either love or you wish would pass very quickly.  Finding a way to get through the Christmas period without facing sad and difficult memories is almost impossible. Why is it that this time of the year evokes so much sentiment? The above song was written by Iain and myself to remind us all that even in our most distressed moments. When we are missing the people who are dearest to us. God promises to draw close to us and bring into...
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Farewell to my colleagues

posted: 25 Sep 2012 comments: 0category:

It's an early Monday evening in late September in Seoul. I'm sitting in what can only be described as a very expensive coffee shop attached to the usual business hotel. You know the kind of place. It's perfectly adequate for what it was designed to do, but it has no soul. It could be anywhere in the world. The canned piano musack, only underscores the corporate feel. A couple of business men chat over coffee. I drink my water, I'm too mean to spend $9.00 on a coffee....
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