The Churches Mutual Credit Union Is No Wonga

posted: 13 Feb 2015 comments: 0category:

I wonder if you noticed the coverage in the papers yesterday about the launch of the Churhes Mutual Credit Union. A number of the newspaper articles had headlines suggesting that the Churches involved in this new  venture were taking on the Wonga's of this world. The truth is this project is a long way from moving into the same market as Wonga.  Indeed Credit Unions operate under completely different finanicial rules. However it is a clear strategic move by the churches...
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Babel Revisited

posted: 11 Feb 2015 comments: 0category:

This week our theme  for those who follow Samctuary First has been thinking about the place of communication in the Christian life. There is something paradoxical about the world in which we are all living. Never before has humanity had the potential to be more connected and integrated. Technology offers us the tools and resources to draw closer and understand each others habits, cultures  and fears.  Communication systems have never been better. However the...
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Beauty and Glory and the Human Condition

posted: 7 Feb 2015 comments: 0category:

There is something deep within us all making us want to look up into the sky and be overwhelmed by its beauty and majesty; especially when we come across a sky as magnificent as it was this evening. I've just finished writing my sermon for tomorrow. I'm reflecting on Jesus' communication strategy. He often used the natural world around him to begin to teach truths about God and human beings. For him it was knowledge of God first that allows us to begin to discover...
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