Blue Sky Good Friday

posted: 18 Apr 2014 comments: 0category:

Today  was a glorious day. A small number of us from various churches in the town walked around Bo'ness with  a large cross. It was quite a special experience. The sun was shining the sky was blue and the conversations we were having were interesting and at times challenging.  We had a number of opportunities to stop and speak with people on the road. We even prayed with a man who shared with us that he had an alcohol problem and was looking for help. We were able to...
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Now Here’s An App Story

posted: 29 Jan 2014 comments: 2category:

  In my last post I was talking about a number of 'firsts' that I’ve been involved with recently. Well, the next 'first' I want to talk about is the launch of the 'Sanctuary First App'. I'm delighted that the Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland launched the App from St Andrew's Church in Bo'ness last Sunday evening. I believe we may well be the first church or certainly among the first in Scotland to launch an App. Sanctuary First is designed...
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The Moderator engages with Trinity College Glasgow Past and Present

posted: 31 Jan 2013 comments: 0category:

Last Monday I paid a visit as Moderator to my Alma mater, Glasgow University. It was for me a journey down memory lane. This was where I started my training for ministry.  I was reminded of the times when I would be rushing to a General Philosophy class and be looking for change to put in a parking meter or of the morning I was pleading with Professor Frend to give me back my parking ticket. Why you may well ask? The answer is straightforward,  he had removed the...
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