Hassle the Judge on the Street!

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A Widow's Story Come closer, Listen to me. I don't want to shout this out too loud. It's a bit private I've got some advice for you. I heard you were thinking about giving up. Cutting your losses - going away. I heard you've not got the stomach for it any more. Your going to disappear Back down That's how they win. They're counting on you, to give up. Don't back down I'm pretty well known In these parts I made a nuisance of myself. You...
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Blood On the Street

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Protest The picture above were taken in London. I think it was in 2005 just after the bombings. I found them quite shocking. When people feel strongly about something they take to the streets. Getting it out there for people to see and hear is important. So there was people with their passion and feelings out on the street. So often the church is on the street but its message is oblique and may even be lost because of the medium that is chosen. Have a look at the notice...
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Church without Walls Conference Aviemore 2007

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dscf0571.jpg just spent the last few days at the MacDonald Highland Resort. I think it must be the best place in Scotland if you want to hold hold a residential event for 400 or 500 people. Church without Walls is the Church of Scotland's flagship project when it comes to talking about renewal of the church. I guess its the equivalent of the Church of England's "Fresh Expressions" This was an opportunity for church leaders to feel valued and supported. they had come to be...
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Sunday touched lives

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policeman.jpg i want to just document what happened on Sunday evening. We put a tremendous amount of work into preparing multimedia material. I must confess there is a human side of me that get disappointed when we have a few people turn up. Well last Sunday the service " Back on the Street" had just a small number but it was really powerful. I focused the theme around the fact that left to our own devices, human nature will sink to the pit. I used the video of the thoughts of a...
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A Golden Moment

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Albert and Marcus in plane Well the phone rang, it was 8.30 am in the morning. When the phone rings in the manse at that time it is usually the undertaker. Surprise! It wasn't. It was Marcus. "How'd you like come flying with me this morning?" I looked in the diary it was free, I said yes, and before long I was air born. I enjoyed a great morning flying around central Scotland. It was interesting seeing Marcus the pilot check out his aircraft. he had his flight map laid out in detail. We were...
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