The PC Churches verses the Mac Church

posted: 20 Sep 2007 comments: 1category:

[kml_flashembed movie="" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /] Someone was telling me recently how they went to church in one of the cities here in Scotland. The whole experience rather than being uplifting was full of the cringe factor. It was "a too good to be true church". You know the type. Before you get over the door, they've got your name and address and they've also supplied you with the nearest bible study group to...
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BBC - You can't afford not to take sides

posted: 19 Sep 2007 comments: 1category:

bulgarias_children_lead.jpg I can't get the documentary I saw last Thursday on BBC4 out of my mind. the blurb on the BBCs web page reads as follows; "It was entitled BULGARIA'S ABANDONED CHILDREN. in the programme, Director Kate Blewett visits a children's care home in Bulgaria and investigates the conditions in which the children live. The Social Care Home - where 75 unwanted children are growing up - is the main employer in the small village of Mogilino. Few of the children can talk, not...
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Peru Update

posted: 14 Sep 2007 comments: 0category:

boyeating1.jpg Just had an update from Peru. I so glad to know that the aid we in Vine Trust send gets to the places of need, thanks to our partners in Union Biblica. Paul Clark writes, "These children are being fed – 2 good meals a day – at our ‘soup kitchens'. Just an hour ago I had a phone call from Marco, our schools' worker in charge of the distribution of food. He asked permission to move one of the four feeding centres, because the bulldozers have come into the area...
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Facing grief or fearing grief?

posted: 10 Sep 2007 comments: 0category:

It is interesting to see that other writers have been picking up on the topic of grief. Carol Sarlar writes the following in the Times last Friday, "An almost unbearable stunt will open tomorrow's football match between England and Israel: two 11-year-old boys, Jamie Dorrian and Sean Geoghegan, generally private little souls who are famous for nothing save having witnessed the death of their friend Rhys Jones, will take centre stage as England mascots. So traumatised...
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Churches and people can be deceiving

posted: 8 Sep 2007 comments: 2category:

no-entry.jpg Sometimes looks can be deceiving. People can surprise you. I walked past a man last week who looked a right grump. I was sure his demeanor was saying , "you won't get past me, there is no entry into my soul." I said, good morning to him and his face lit up, he had a wonderful smile. Looks can certainly deceive. However often our looks speak about the loss and the sadness we feel inside. Dealing with loss as the world moves on is one of the most difficult...
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Death and no entry signs

posted: 3 Sep 2007 comments: 2category:

three-coffins.jpg Well I've been the silent iTalker for the past ten days. I hope you won't feel you've been locked out. You know felt that a no entry sign had appeared on the blog. Anyway, don't be mislead I haven't really been silent or dodging the work. I put in two shifts at NEXUS, last weekend, followed by a morning stint at St Andrew's University last Sunday, speaking to students in training for the ministry. Last week I was at planning meetings for the CWW events that are coming...
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