Faith offers an alternative economics

posted: 14 Oct 2008 comments: 0category:

I hope you enjoy this video. I came across a reference to it on the Jim Wallis blog. Its really topical when we think of the fact that the Prime Minster here in the UK has been floating the idea that the whole world banking system need to be reformed. I'm sure this idea of Jubilee on wall Street is a step too far for Gordon, but it does challenge us all to a more radical lifestyle. [kml_flashembed movie="" width="425"...
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Homecoming a moral dilemma?

posted: 11 Oct 2008 comments: 2category:

[kml_flashembed movie="" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /] HOMECOMING 2009 Very shortly the Scottish Government will launch their big tourist idea for 2009. Its called "The Homecoming". They're hoping for rich exiled Scots to return in their droves next year from all over the world. It might prove to be a more challenging idea than first expected, now that the ecomomic down turn is almost certain to effect the...
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Prayer at Alpha

posted: 9 Oct 2008 comments: 3category:

We had a most interesting meeting tonight at Alpha in the Inchyra Hotel. We were considering the topic of prayer. We all agreed that we'd try and support each other over the next two weeks as we explore the purpose and meaning of prayer in our personal lives. The group will not meet next week so we hope to keep in touch through this blog. So where does one start if you want to develop a prayer life? I've found that the Psalms in the Bible often act as a kind of...
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Lest we forget

posted: 8 Oct 2008 comments: 4category:

Poppy Tell me what you think of this idea? I'm planning to set a little part of the church garden aside as a Remembrance Garden for the week leading up to 11 November. I thought it might be a helpful for people in the town who have lost loved ones especially those in the armed forces to have an opportunity to honour the fallen. We're going to make crosses available at the church and they'll be able to write names on the cross and plant the cross in the garden the week...
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posted: 6 Oct 2008 comments: 5category:

Sanctuary Sanctuary First was acclaimed by all who attended last night to be a success. It was a start, but I truly believe there is great potential to develop this format. What we are doing is seeking to reach out to God using technology and our creativity. In doing so we discover that God is already at work in our hearts. making us creative. Allowing us to feel the way others are feeling. A new generation no longer want to go to church to sit in...
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Confession of a sinner

posted: 5 Oct 2008 comments: 0category:

Here is a simple little prayer I wrote earlier this week for the service tomorrow evening. At Sanctuary First our aim is to try and lead those who attend into a deeper experience of worship. The video clip was put together by Rae Manger who works as a staff member in our creative media team. Take time to see the close connection between words and music and how we have used the idea that less often can mean more. Creating a worshipful atmosphere is...
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Can enemies become colleagues?

posted: 4 Oct 2008 comments: 0category:

It could be easy to get depressed when you read about the current economic crisis. I must confessed I'm a bit of a current affairs junkie. It might be the Irish bit in me. I find it fascinating that Peter Mandelson is back in the Cabinet. It is reported that he and the Prime Minister have resolved their differences and are now going to work together for the good of the country. It is stories like this one that makes the old adage " a week it a long time in politics"...
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