Understanding Failure Helps Understand God

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Sometimes in ministry, (by ministry I mean all those who are involved in some way or another in serving others in the name of Christ), you wake up in the morning knowing that there are things to be done and not enough time to do them. There are people to see, situations to pray about and you have to make decisions who to see and who to re-schedule. The sad thing is that there are times when we get it wrong often because you haven't read the signs correctly. When...
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The Naked Truth

posted: 1 Apr 2010 comments: 3category:

Just read about a twenty five year old naked man in Los Angelos trying to commit suicide from an old rusty cross on top of a church building. He was eventually brought down and led away. The story of Christ's humiliation always challenges me to reflect on the areas of my life where I need to strip back. Here is a meditation I lead the other night at St Mary's. I find it hard to understand. Why would God The Father God the Son And God the Spirit Three all...
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Mary Always Knew

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Mary always knew there was more to Him than met the eye. And now, she was looking into his eyes. in a way that only a mother can. She wasn't going to make a scene She detested violence The voices were raised The crowd was jostling This was not about her. She knew that. This was always bigger than her. Bigger than she could ever be She smiles and cries and feels the pride well up He looked dazed but not defeated She thought Tired but not exhausted If...
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