Ceilidh Praise

posted: 4 Dec 2008 comments: 0category:

What can I  say Sunday was a great day. I really enjoyed the morning service , when it came to the evening it was great to experiment with praise music and Scottish dancing. I can recommend folks to try this out. It sounds corny and shallow but it wasn't. it was one of the most inclusive  all age evenings we've experienced in the church. The food was great and the music was excellent. Have a look at the service click here What amazed me was that everyone joined in the...
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A Flag a Window and an Opportunity

posted: 27 Nov 2008 comments: 3category:

Do you know how difficult it is to take photograph of a flag flying. I think I must have pressed my iphone thirty odd times before I captured a few pictures that I liked. This is taken from the top of the church tower looking down the Forth to the Bridges. I'm looking forward to hearing and reading some of the childrens' stories as they begin to get posted on the blog. So here are the questions: At what time and date was the flag raised up on the Flag Pole? (Guess...
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De-stablising Christmas?

posted: 14 Nov 2008 comments: 4category:

Well I never, thanks for your post Jackie regarding the upside down Christmas Trees. I see John Lewis the Department store was selling them last year. So what is it all about? The word on the street is that its not some plan to destablise Christmas,(for give the pun), rather it is a marketing gimmick to sell trees that will be more child friendly. The selling point is that it leaves more room around the tree for presents. I think there is something not right here....
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Alpha and Forgivenesss

posted: 19 Sep 2008 comments: 1category:

We had our second 'Alpha Night' at the Inchyra last night. There was a good mix of people from different backgrounds and I'm sure its going to be once again an interesting life changing experience for a number of people. Our theme last night asked the question" Why did Jesus die?" It is an opportunity to talk about the central theme of Christianity namely, "Forgiveness" it seems to me that this is one of the central issues that faces all of humanity. All over the...
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posted: 18 Apr 2008 comments: 1category:

dsc00515.jpg When the Special Commission was writing the CWW Report in 2001 we thought about submitting a report to the General consisting of the following four words, Jesus said, follow me! Follow Me! You said. It was more than words, I thought. If your leaving on a jet I could be tempted! How I wish You did call me to follow. Just to be going somewhere. To be leaving. To be getting ready. To be packing a suit case. To be packing a bag. The only packing I do is...
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