The Last Alpha 2007

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dsc00900.JPG After journeying together for nearly ten weeks the Apha Course at the Inchyra Grange came to an end tonight. I must say that I have really enjoyed sharing the teaching with Jerome and Maggie. Jerome is the Presbytery Clerk and Minister at Polmont Old. We really worked well together. This was the first time our congregations had worked together this way. I believe everyone has had an excellent experience and I pray that all of us have been drawn closer to God. It would...
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Alpha With Bogle So many people say to me what is Alpha like? What do you do? Would I like it? The answer is you probably would. We meet in the Inchyra Hotel Polmont , which is a 4 star hotel, near Falkirk. The food is excellent and the company is really quite engaging. We all talk about a lot of things before we get down to thinking about faith issues. We had a really good night last Thursday. So I thought I'd try this out if you think its worth doing I could prepare...
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Light of the World - at Alpha.

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the-light-of-the-world-print-c10081280.jpeg Here we are with track 4 from the bookshop gig. Its called "Light of the World" Light of the World. It was truly one of the worst gigs of our career, but you know what, the sound engineer wasn't a christian, and he said he really enjoyed the banter and the music. Who knows what seeds were planted that night. I was at Alpha tonight and I was talking about how we can be sure about our faith. One of the points in the talk is that we can trust Jesus because when he makes...
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