Building a Train Station for the Future

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[youtube][/youtube]We started today ( Wednesday),visiting the DMZ. There are a number of points at which the tour guide stops to allow you to take pictures. I wanted to see for myself what was going on at the border. It's strange to be told that the war is not ended; there is simply an armistice. Its even more surreal to be in a tour coach visiting a war zone. When you move out to look around at some points on the way your told...
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Korean General Assembly Choose 'The Least of These' As Their Theme

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20120920-212259.jpg South Korea is a country with a past steeped in suffering. It's a past in which Scotland has been involved.The catastrophic Korean War, which was essential a civil war brought about by external forces (the confrontation between Communism and Capitalism) left the country a divided wasteland. This was the first intervention of a United Nations force, involving US, UK, Australia, in total twenty nations contributed to the allies. Literally, over a million people lost their...
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A shortest Scheduled Flight in the World.

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20120917-174006.jpg When Friday morning came it was off to Papa Westray. I had received a text message the night before advising me that the winds might prevent the plane from landing at Papa Westray. However It was full steam ahead on Friday morning the winds had died down. The night before there had been an 135mph gale blowing. As I was driven to the airport skies were clear. This is an unusual flight. The whole trip takes about 15 mins however it allows another two minutes to fly...
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Building a team to stay together for life !

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In a few days time my life will change at least for the next year that is if the General Assembly accept me as their Moderator. So we started moving into the Moderator's flat this weekend. You know its strange packing up and leaving the house you've lived in for over 30 years. I'm just glad I know the people who are moving in next. Taking things with you that remind you of home are so important. It got me thinking of the thousands of refugees who have to pack up and go...
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Visiting the Children's Home in Kamashuku

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This is going to be an exciting trip. There is always something special about visiting new projects and humbling to think that what was started by a community based shop in Bo'ness nearly 27 years ago could have an impact on an African village of around 3000 people all these years later. We arrived in Kilomanjaro last night. It was all a bit chaotic as people tried to pay their $50 dollars to get a visa stamp on their passport. Eventually we got through all the...
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