The Naked Truth

posted: 1 Apr 2010 comments: 3category:

Just read about a twenty five year old naked man in Los Angelos trying to commit suicide from an old rusty cross on top of a church building. He was eventually brought down and led away. The story of Christ's humiliation always challenges me to reflect on the areas of my life where I need to strip back. Here is a meditation I lead the other night at St Mary's. I find it hard to understand. Why would God The Father God the Son And God the Spirit Three all...
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This Is Holy Week 2010!

posted: 29 Mar 2010 comments: 0category:

Holy Week 2010 starts today. I've had quite a busy time over the past week pulling ideas together for the Easter Services. This year we've extended our idea of using creative stones to share a message to a wider group of people. Check out my video podcast on the church website. I think it would be pretty cool to find painted stones all about our town with inspirational verses relating to hope and expectation painted on them. Last Saturday was a really busy day...
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Bogle Band - Friday Night Sunday's Comin'

posted: 13 Mar 2010 comments: 0category:

[flv width="320" height="240"][/flv] A few years ago I co-wrote this song with Iain Jamieson it was a reflection on a story I had heard about street children in Peru being sold for sex. It was at the same time we in the Vine Trust had sent our first medical ship to work on the Amazon. The Ship was sailing the Atlantic during 9/11 henece the pictures to link boat and 9/11 together. As for the title well I heard Tony...
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40 day challenge text challenge

posted: 27 Feb 2010 comments: 1category:

Last year we put together a challenge for people to sign up to on their mobile phones. It was part of our Chocolate Sunday theme it was really quite successful so we've got it running again. check it out on the Sanctuary First web site. Chocolate Sunday is all about debunking the idea that we should give our little pleasures up during Lent. I really think Lent is about a greater challenge. It is an inviatation to pick up the cross and follow Jesus. It is a challenge...
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Burning with Pride in the Garden

posted: 15 Apr 2009 comments: 1category:

You know something my spirits were raise this afternoon, the gardener has turned up and cut my grass. Is this a sign of old age?  Or perhaps a sigh of relief that Mrs iTalker will be very very happy. I'm told that in the modern world of home decoration the garden has become an extension of your home. Indeed it is looked upon as another room. It is not enough to have an attractive house inside, your garden has to reflect your personality. Hence the increase in all...
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