Are we fulfilling what God has called us to do?

posted: 19 Mar 2013 comments: 0category:

So it's back on the road again heading for Westminster Abbey for a service of thanksgiving for the life of David Livingstone. The last two days have been busy meeting and greeting the Malawian Delegation including the President Dr Joyce Banda. They have made this special trip as a pilgrimage to remember the contribution that Livingstone made to the abolition of slavery. Sunday saw a packed church at Blantyre the birthplace of Livingstone. I was encouraged by the...
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Pressing on from Prague to London to Inverness!

posted: 6 Feb 2013 comments: 2category:

I woke up this morning thinking about a Dylan Song entitled "Pressing On". I really love the version by Virgina McCrory. I've not had a day off since a week past last Sunday. I'm not complaining I really enjoy doing what I'm doing. However I was thinking there's nothing for it but press on. The only thing is getting the washing up to date. Could you believe it there isn't a place in central London where you can get your laundry done in a few hours?  A bit of...
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Partnerships Mean More Than Words

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I'm back on the train again heading north to Prague. This  will be a four hour train journey. For  the past few days we have been visiting a small congregation of the Evangelical Czech Brethren in the mining town of Orlova. It is a town very close to the Polish border.We have been meeting and sharing with a congregation that is trying to minister to a community of over 35,000 people. The Town is completely undermined and many of the houses around the church have been...
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All is not always what it seems

posted: 2 Feb 2013 comments: 2category:

What can I say this is now my fourth day in the Czech Republic. I had written one of the best blog posts ever and you know what, somehow it got deleted. Those of you who read the blog regularly will her notice that the look has changed. It also means that the software to write the blog has changed and I'm not as familiar with it as I was with Wordpress. Anyway I'm back again to try and reconstruct what I have written and perhaps add a few more stories.  Martha and I...
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Find ways to connect with Peru’s growing economy

posted: 15 Jan 2013 comments: 3category:

It's nine o'clock in the morning as I wind my way  though the secluded neighbourhood of Miraflores. It's mid-summer here in Lima. Flowers blossom on the trees that line the sidewalk. I'm heading towards Wong's to meet Willie at Starbucks. I pass by the big Anglican church in the corner. I recall nearly forty years ago Tony Dines, the minister of St Silas asking me to pray for him. He had been invited to consider moving to Lima to pastor a church. I remember thinking...
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