Ten Years Later in Peru

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Once again I find myself preparing to make the flong light from Edinburgh to Lima. Its now 12.15 am  in the morning and in four hours the taxis will arrive to take me to the airport. This time I'm more excited than usual, Martha will be accompanying me. This will be her first visit in nearly ten years. She will see great changes in peru. the economy is beginning to grow and peruvians are seeking to take control of their own social deprevation. there are still many...
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Encountering God in Liturgy

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Here is a question, can we find any beauty in the cross of Christ.  This is the topic I'm reflecting on today. I'm trying to write a lecture that I've been asked to give at the end of the month in Prague. Its in the context of a conference looking at Liturgy and the theme is 'Beauty'. Its ionteresting to note that "Beauty"  is a theme that seems to have had a bit of a renaisssance throughout a number of academic disciplines, from philosophy to science and indeed the...
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A Letter From Bethlehem

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Some of my readers will remember that I introduced Daoud to you in a previous post. I wrote about the man who refuses to make an enemy of those who want to steal his land. I received a Christmas update from him after sending him a link to my Christmas song. Please remember those people on both sides of the divide Israeli’s  and Palestinians who are praying for peace.  The Tent of Nations is seeking to build bridges at a local level to bring about peace. It is my prayer...
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The Final London Post!

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Its late Sunday afternoon we've had the family for lunch  and managed to erect the Christmas tree. We still like to have our family round to help decorate the tree. Its a great time of laughter and fun and hilarity. It doesn't matter how old your children are they're all kids at heart. Today the big hunt was on for the angel with the punk rock hairstyle. Yes we normally have an angel on the tree with a punk rock haircut. I don't think I've ever noticed before but...
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St Paul's Cathedral and the Church of Scotland's Economic Commission Find Common Ground.

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20121205-205700.jpg It's now Wednesday evening and I'm heading up the road by rail hoping to be in Edinburgh just after 10.30pm. I'm sitting with the schedule outlining the visits we have made over the past 10 days. In my previous posts we managed to cover part of the trip up to last Wednesday. Thursday 29th November saw us arrive at the Chapter House of St Paul's Cathedral where we were met by the Dean Dr David Ison and the Chancellor Canon Mark Oakley. Both men made us most welcome and...
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