Beam into Bogle in the Morning

posted: 19 Jun 2011 comments: 4category:

Can't believe it's that time again. Time for me to look out my favourite songs and get my play list ready. Yes make sure you tune into Bogle on Valley FM 87.7 this coming Monday morning at 9.00am -10.00am and keep doing it every morning including Thursday. The show is going to be great. I hope to review the morning papers and also have guest artists and even guest local celebrities. So make sure you tune in on Monday morning. Talking about tuning in if you can't...
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Dylan and the General Assembly The Courage To be Change Makers

posted: 21 May 2011 comments: 0category:

I've just spent the last hour watching a programme on BBC Channel 4 all about the life and times of Bob Dylan. It made me cast my mind back to the first time I heard about Dylan. I think I was in 2nd year at Secondary School. I was talking about music to a classmate, I think it might have been Sam Elder. He told me about this singer called Dylan. He said he was a poet and that he had something to say. As the General Assembly meets this week would the average...
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A Great Night With "We See Lights" At Linlithgow

posted: 14 May 2011 comments: 3category:

Last night history was made the Bogle Boys (The Bogle Boys are you've guessed it a father and son act. Well, act might be too definative) appeared at the Linlithgow Rose Club. Now let me say, this is a famous club. It can boast of some amazing acts having performed there including the world famous Susan Boyle. So you can be sure it was indeed an amazing honour to get the chance to sing and be accompanied by two of the members of 'We See Lights" this means I can now add...
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Preacher John Reconstructed 25 Years Later

posted: 11 May 2011 comments: 6category:

You may recall a few posts back that I was telling you all about the story of Preacher John. Well here is the reconstructed version of the song 25 years later. This is the song I wrote for John Stuart's Induction yes 25 years ago. I grateful to my songwriting partner Iain Jamieson for putting down the soundtrack and for the creative input of Campbell Dye a past member of the Bogle Band and who worked on the keys and fills. Let hear what you think of this version....
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Looking For Meaning

posted: 10 May 2011 comments: 1category:

[youtube][/youtube] We leave no stone unturned Looking for meaning Searching for more We often become the stones ourselves Frantically looking Patiently hoping to see Someone Something Longing To recognize a familiar Sign Or saying Or smile But everything looks the same Yet nothing remains the same Everything is turning Changing but remaining empty Our hearts beat faster Time is ticking away We are still...
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