Moderator Visits Wigtown and Whithorn

posted: 9 Oct 2012 comments: 3category:

I'm waiting for Bill Campbell to arrive. Bill will be our guide for the day. He is one of the Presbytery elders taking his turn to be chauffeur to the Moderator. We've been having an extremely encouraging time here in the Presbytery of Wigtown and Stranraer. After arriving in the Presbytery on Friday and taking part in the BBC Radio Debate and also featuring in the Wigtown Book Festival as a contributor. Saturday was a free day, it was also a day to try and get the...
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Building a Train Station for the Future

posted: 27 Sep 2012 comments: 0category:

[youtube][/youtube]We started today ( Wednesday),visiting the DMZ. There are a number of points at which the tour guide stops to allow you to take pictures. I wanted to see for myself what was going on at the border. It's strange to be told that the war is not ended; there is simply an armistice. Its even more surreal to be in a tour coach visiting a war zone. When you move out to look around at some points on the way your told...
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There is a river that makes glad the city of Seoul

posted: 25 Sep 2012 comments: 2category:

20120925-231622.jpg It's just past ten o'clock in the evening. we've changed hotel and moved right into the heart of Seoul. Martha and myself have just had an amazing walk through this city. Tomorrow morning we head off to the DMZ. Where I know it will be quite different. It's quite amazing to be walking through the streets of Seoul. It's a vibrant creative city with amazing public architecture. The city has an amazing architectural water installation running through one of the busiest...
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Farewell to my colleagues

posted: 25 Sep 2012 comments: 0category:

It's an early Monday evening in late September in Seoul. I'm sitting in what can only be described as a very expensive coffee shop attached to the usual business hotel. You know the kind of place. It's perfectly adequate for what it was designed to do, but it has no soul. It could be anywhere in the world. The canned piano musack, only underscores the corporate feel. A couple of business men chat over coffee. I drink my water, I'm too mean to spend $9.00 on a coffee....
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Reflections on the Korean experience

posted: 23 Sep 2012 comments: 1category:

20120923-233539.jpg Having visited the Korean Presbyterian Church General Assemblies its now time to begin to reflect on the experience and write from time to time about the differences and also what can be shared cross-culturally for the benefit of both our churches and also the world church. One very interesting area of empowerment I've notice is the role that has been given to the theological students. Over the past few days they have acted as our hosts, sitting with us from time to...
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