Could God's face be ever too close for comfort?

posted: 21 Jan 2012 comments: 3category:

Too Close for Comfort [caption id="attachment_3937" align="alignleft" width="224" caption="Manna Dobo Artist"][/caption]I've had a pretty busy week hence just back from a Vine Trust Jubilee Dinner in St James' Palace. I'll get round to telling you about that visit in my next post. However i wanted to follow up on my last post. Manna Dobo is a quite outstanding artist and respected in her field of visual arts. We are so fortunate to have someone of her experience and talent teaching at...
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24Hour Prayer Vigil

posted: 24 Dec 2011 comments: 2category:

20111224-020853.jpg Here I am it's 1.45am in the morning and I'm taking part in the 24 hour prayer vigil here in the church. Already we've had a constant stream of people coming to pray. Some people might think it strange that people want to pray yet the truth is that more people pray than ever go regularly to church. There is an element of longing for more in all our souls whether we're paid up believers or not. There are a number of quite outstanding opportunities to stimulate our...
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Church Without Walls Still Relevant

posted: 31 Aug 2011 comments: 1category:

One of the issues that is facing the church today is how we can be more relevant. Too often the church is viewed a a museum rather than a movement. The "Church Without Walls Report " continues to be an important piece of literature to give the church direction as many of us try to understand its shape its future. Understanding 'shape' is essential. The content may be the same down through the centuries but the shape it takes will always need to be relevant to the...
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The Practice of Prayer Pentecost and Power

posted: 11 Jun 2011 comments: 5category:

Well here I am back online again. Yesterday was a busy day. I put in a 19 hour shift, followed by a couple of hours at the prayer vigil before I went to bed this morning at 3.00am . Whose says the life of a parish minister is dull? We had a look at two possible ships, each have their merits and their short comings. A bit like the rest of us. Anyway we'll be leaving it up to the people who know more about these technical matters to help us as a Board of the Vine...
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Everyday is Easter

posted: 26 Apr 2011 comments: 0category:

Easter is still ringing in my ears I can still hear the words Halle, halle, halle, running through my head and its now Tuesday. What a great service we had ob Sunday why not check it out . It was great to see the church packed and everyone participating. I'm always indebted to the people who go out of their way to make easter such a special time. This year was no exception. So thank you all you great people who gave so much over the past few days from film making to...
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