You Can Become the Change Maker

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The voting is over. The people have spoken. The referendum question has been answered. However, the answer raises a much more important issue, not only for our politicians but for all who, in anyway, are concerned about the common good of the people of these islands. The issue is, that we can no longer continue with business as usual, when so many of the electorate have voted to leave the union. Some who voted no, did so because they were promised that additional powers...
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Is God a Nationalist or Unionist ?

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The telephone rang this afternoon the voice on the other end asked me who I was voting for in the up and coming  Scottish Referendum on Independence.  I must confess that I groaned within myself. I thought, is there no place to hide from this ongoing debate ? Regardless of where you go in Scotland you can’t escape from the question, “ Are you voting yes or no ? “  It’s everywhere, on the television, on the radio, on the street.  97% of the electorate, it is pro ported,...
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ABC of Christian Discipleship

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Introduction During the next four months  our teaching plan at St Andrew’s Bo’ness is going to explore the following four words that will lead us to consider the ABC of Discipleship.  This theme of discipleship will be able to be followed on the Sanctuary First App. This will allow you access to daily prayers and bible readings which will be integrated into the weekly church theme  Then ABC of Discipleship highlights the importance of acceptance, belonging and...
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