Why I believe in Resurrection

posted: 11 Apr 2014 comments: 0category: Unassigned

Believing in the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead has profound implications for the way we conduct our lives as Christians. It lifts our eyes from the challenges of our everyday existence to reflect upon the eternal significance of our identity. It reminds us that we are created by God with eternity in mind. I wonder if you are a bit like me. We get caught up with the every day pressures of our daily responsibilities. We find ourselves often overwhelmed by the...
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It’s Time To Start Looking For Resurrection

posted: 2 Mar 2014 comments: 0category: Unassigned

A few days ago I was preaching at  a service of union between  Falkirk Erskine Church and Falkirk Old and St Modan’s. The new congregation will be known as Falkirk Trinity. Its never easy when congregations that have a long  distinguished history find themselves faced wit the economic reality of Union. Creating a new worshipping identity can  and must be an opportunity to allow God to do something new and exciting. It is surely an opportunity for new life to breakout not...
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From The Land Comes the Cloth

posted: 23 Feb 2014 comments: 0category: Unassigned

My trip to Lewis last weekend was quite inspirational. It was the communion Season in Lewis and I was delighted be be sharing in the preparatory services that precede the Communion service.  It was a new experience for me to see so many people turn up at church to share in all three preparatory services leading up to the Communion on Sunday morning.  It was also a great joy to see seventeen new people admitted to the membership of the Church of Scotland. It caused me to...
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