You Just Keep Going Giving Up is Never an Option

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The phonographs below  show the ground being prepared for the final 100 yards to refloatJubilee Hope.. This will require some precise engineering and maths. The ship will be required to enter the water at the right speed and also at the right angle,  if not the danger is that the huge hull could capsize. Once in the water the  huge job   begins to reassemble the ship. We’re grateful for the support of the Wood Group who have committed themselves to delivering the ship...
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Don’t Give Up!

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When we feel drained and have nothing to say and nothing to give. When there is nothing we want; because we've lost all that meant anything to us We shouldn't give up. We need to keep waiting. Start looking. Hope will return! Why you ask? "Because the steadfast love of the Lord never ceases" God's love for us doesn't come to an end  when our love for Him comes to an end. He renews us. Often with the simple things The smile of a grandchild The smell of a favourite...
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God’s Fleet

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I spent most of the morning on my knees picking weeds out of the gravel in my driveway.  I always feel there is something therapeutic about weeding. Its like the prayers of confession. IWe ask God to pick the weeds  of sin out of your life.   And often in prayer God  forces us metaphorically and sometime physically to be on our knees sorting out the mess we've made on the path of life.  Of course you have to get yourself into the frame of mind to do it the weeding and...
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