Clapton Handles Feedback Very Poorly

posted: 21 Jun 2014 comments: 0category: Unassigned

Where do you start when you've been away from regular blogging ? I think it must be  a bit like when you've not been going to church on a regular basis - you miss the experience and you are always full of good intentions. Well that is how i've been recently when thinking about the italker blog. So here is my first attempt at getting back into the regular pattern.   I want to share with you my  most recent disappointment. I've been looking forward to attending the...
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A Master Class in Pastoral Care

posted: 14 May 2014 comments: 0category: Unassigned

It was an early start this  Sunday morning as I headed out the Manse driveway heading for Ayr. I had been invited by Fraser Aitken the minister of St Columba's to be the guest preacher and to hand out long service certificates to a number of choir members.  What a delight it was to meet up with Fraser again but also to witness a congregation that is truly buoyant and in great shape. I attended two services in the morning one at 9.30am and the other at 11.15am. Both...
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Blue Sky Good Friday

posted: 18 Apr 2014 comments: 0category:

Today  was a glorious day. A small number of us from various churches in the town walked around Bo'ness with  a large cross. It was quite a special experience. The sun was shining the sky was blue and the conversations we were having were interesting and at times challenging.  We had a number of opportunities to stop and speak with people on the road. We even prayed with a man who shared with us that he had an alcohol problem and was looking for help. We were able to...
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