About Connecting Points

The Rev. Martin Fair said of mission “the best evangelism is ‘being Jesus’ to people.....things start happening when the Church starts to learn to serve the world...the Church is about service, the more we serve, the Church will grow. Become a listening Church- where it is at! Where it is hurting!”

Connecting Points seeks to aid individuals and congregations by:

- Providing resources through this Presbytery sponsored web site.
- Resourcing by promoting Presbytery wide events.
- To be invited to host a local Connecting Points event specific to the needs, aims and vision of local congregations.


The idea for Connecting Points began in 2011 out of the desire of congregations to make contact and re-connect with the parts of their community that ‘appeared’ to have separated from the sphere of church life. To illustrate this we have used the motif of the church as a ‘jigsaw’. A series of Road Show events took place during the spring of 2012. From Hamilton, Motherwell, Wishaw, East Kilbride, Airdrie/Coatbridge to Uddingston over 300 participants joined in the evening’s events.

A specially commissioned giant jigsaw of the Presbytery area was used to highlight the themes of mission, communication, nurture, and community that make up a ‘jigsaw like’ picture of Jesus that we present to the communities we serve. Much of what we do in church is very good, but the church finds it difficult in promoting itself outside the confines of the church walls. The Church is often superb at caring for people but it needs to be well organised and trained to cope with increasing requests. Many churches once at the heart of community life are seeking to re-establish this, to reinvigorate themselves or join in partnership with others to meet the needs and expectations of today. Our desire for Mission must be about the ‘whole’ of church life and has to be seen as promoting the values of our gospel and church traditions and in embracing the challenges to love, care and witness within the diversity of our modern culture. Connecting Points hopes to serve and assist in these desires.

Our Aims

  • Developing and creating a lifestyle and culture of mission.
  • Refocusing and reshaping our churches to explore where gaps need to be filled and copy best practise and innovation.
  • Growing disciples and equipping the church to be effective followers of Jesus.
  • Engaging with the community by making the church outward focussed and more inclusive by attempting to meet the needs of today’s challenges.

About Connecting Points

Connecting Points is a initiative of the Parish Development Committee of Hamilton Presbytery, The Church of Scotland. For further information, please contact Linda Walker.