Local Connecting Points Events


Just over three hundred people from sixty churches attended the opening six Connecting Points events in local churches around the Presbytery of Hamilton.

Now in its second phase, this Presbytery sponsored project aims to bring the event to a congregational level; to gather members of a congregation or groups of churches who would like to use it as a springboard for reshaping and refocusing how they are church for their parish.


The expected goals of Connecting Points are given to establish what we can achieve given the resources we possess:

Short Term

  • providing better communication
  • improving our nurture provision
  • closer links with the community
  • fulfilling the needs of mission

Long Term

  • Laying down the foundations for growth
  • providing the resources to put the goals of mission into practise.
  • encouraging greater commitment and participation
  • enhancing the spiritual ethos

Event Activities

The Conference events will use DVD and interactive materials that will spark ideas, bring innovation and improve existing provision of church work.

About Connecting Points

Connecting Points is a initiative of the Parish Development Committee of Hamilton Presbytery, The Church of Scotland. For further information, please contact Linda Walker.