The Mod and Machines and the Future of Scotland

posted: 23 Jun 2012 comments: 5category:

If only my father could have seen me the other day standing here beside a huge tractor. My father was a plough boy at the age of twelve. He was someone who was always connected to the land. The soil was in his blood you might say. The one thing he detested was tractors. He believed that they were too big and heavy and that they would affect the quality of the soil over the years. For him there was nothing better than the horses pulling the plough. We've moved on from...
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Moderator at Caritas

posted: 3 Jun 2012 comments: 0category:

What a brilliant afternoon I had as a guest of Cardinal O'Brien and the Catholic Church  at the launch of the  Caritas Award Ceremony. The invitation came to me from the Scottish Catholic Education Service.  Over 3,000 people packed into the Clyde Auditorium to watch 450 teenagers receive their Caritas Award. This award has come about as part of an attempt to keep alive the memory of the Pope's visit to Scotland in 2010. It was a great afternoon hearing how...
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Does the Church need Theology?

posted: 12 Feb 2012 comments: 4category:

There I was standing in Waverley Station this morning waiting for SJ to arrive. This was a father and son outing. It was breakfast first then off to New College for a seminar on ' Does the Church Need Theology?" One thing I needed this morning was breakfast, We were surprised how many cafes were closed. We finally got one open on King George 1V Bridge. It was actually a good plate of scrambled eggs. So it was off to new college to see if my brain was scrambled. I guess...
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24Hour Prayer Vigil

posted: 24 Dec 2011 comments: 2category:

20111224-020853.jpg Here I am it's 1.45am in the morning and I'm taking part in the 24 hour prayer vigil here in the church. Already we've had a constant stream of people coming to pray. Some people might think it strange that people want to pray yet the truth is that more people pray than ever go regularly to church. There is an element of longing for more in all our souls whether we're paid up believers or not. There are a number of quite outstanding opportunities to stimulate our...
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Step into the water

posted: 26 Oct 2011 comments: 4category:

Well who would have thought my 598th post to this blog would be a huge thank you to all who have taken time to send congratulations with reference to my nomination to be Moderator Designate of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland. Thank you all for your prayerful support. It is greatly appreciated and will continue to be as the weeks and months go on. I also wish to record my thanks to the members of the Committee who made the decision today. If the truth be...
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