The Edge is a Healing Place

posted: 13 Oct 2012 comments: 4category:

I'm going to post some pictures that describe what our visit has been like here in Galloway. Galloway is a beautiful spot that is on the south west edge of Scotland. Its a region that is often forgotten about and I believe some of the people who live here feel that sense of isolation but also in a strange way I think many of them revel in the isolation. Here is a picture of Lighthouse that is found just a few miles outside  Drommore, it is  the most southerly part of...
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There is a river that makes glad the city of Seoul

posted: 25 Sep 2012 comments: 2category:

20120925-231622.jpg It's just past ten o'clock in the evening. we've changed hotel and moved right into the heart of Seoul. Martha and myself have just had an amazing walk through this city. Tomorrow morning we head off to the DMZ. Where I know it will be quite different. It's quite amazing to be walking through the streets of Seoul. It's a vibrant creative city with amazing public architecture. The city has an amazing architectural water installation running through one of the busiest...
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Korean General Assembly Choose 'The Least of These' As Their Theme

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20120920-212259.jpg South Korea is a country with a past steeped in suffering. It's a past in which Scotland has been involved.The catastrophic Korean War, which was essential a civil war brought about by external forces (the confrontation between Communism and Capitalism) left the country a divided wasteland. This was the first intervention of a United Nations force, involving US, UK, Australia, in total twenty nations contributed to the allies. Literally, over a million people lost their...
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Here is a wide space and long sky

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20120915-193542.jpg Lord Here is a wide space A place to think A place to be To listen to the wind To unwind To rewind To set sail again A meeting place of the finite and the infinite An island set among islands Long skies Wide horizons Drawing me into mystery A boat rests on the sand Inviting adventure Seaweed caressing the shore line Clothes the cold craggy rocks Shirts like flags are blowing on a clothes line Hollow arms without legs Like scarecrows They pose as performers of...
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Understanding Gospel Culture and Heritage

posted: 10 Jul 2012 comments: 5category:

So what of the Order of the Thistle? This was a very interesting Service to attend. The Dean of the Thistle  in his short address  reminded His Royal Highness Prince William to devote his life to the honour of God, to the maintenance of Christ's most holy Evangel,( in other words the gospel), and to the Service of Her Majesty the Queen.  All this is a highlights that at the heart of our Monarchy is a wonderful Christian heritage. Gospel values  can continue  to...
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