BBC You've Messed Up Big Time - Janice Forsyth Can't Be Replaced!

posted: 17 Feb 2012 comments: 2category:

I'm pretty cheesed off today. Well I had a pretty good day until I was told that BBC Scotland intend to axe the Saturday morning Janice Forsyth Show. This may seem to those who don't listen to Janice on a Saturday morning to be the way of the world. Nothing stays the same, radio programme come and radio programmes go. Well the thing is this is no ordinary radio programme. Janice Forsyth is quite an extra-ordinary presenter. She is funny,intelligent,informed and...
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Could God's face be ever too close for comfort?

posted: 21 Jan 2012 comments: 3category:

Too Close for Comfort [caption id="attachment_3937" align="alignleft" width="224" caption="Manna Dobo Artist"][/caption]I've had a pretty busy week hence just back from a Vine Trust Jubilee Dinner in St James' Palace. I'll get round to telling you about that visit in my next post. However i wanted to follow up on my last post. Manna Dobo is a quite outstanding artist and respected in her field of visual arts. We are so fortunate to have someone of her experience and talent teaching at...
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Could Brad Pitt's 'World War Z" be a parable?

posted: 23 Aug 2011 comments: 0category:

I believe the powers that be in Philadelphia are not too pleased, to say the least, that Brad Pitt's potential blockbuster, "World War Z is being filmed here in Scotland. So why did he not use Philadelphia? Well from what I can read it would appear that the City of Philadelphia dithered when it came to making the deal. I believe in the end it came down to finance. Glasgow offered a better deal. The fact is Glasgow;s city centre is laid out in squares not dis-simmilar...
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Beam into Bogle in the Morning

posted: 19 Jun 2011 comments: 4category:

Can't believe it's that time again. Time for me to look out my favourite songs and get my play list ready. Yes make sure you tune into Bogle on Valley FM 87.7 this coming Monday morning at 9.00am -10.00am and keep doing it every morning including Thursday. The show is going to be great. I hope to review the morning papers and also have guest artists and even guest local celebrities. So make sure you tune in on Monday morning. Talking about tuning in if you can't...
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Roll Away the Stone… but Whose Got It?

posted: 23 May 2011 comments: 0category:

It wasn't quite T in the Park but the Roll Away The Stone event, was a brave attempt during what will be a very contentious Assembly Week to celebrate some of the outstanding things that the Church of Scotland and the church in Scotland do to serve the nation. One quick witted minister speaking of the event remarked with his best Kelvinside accent that he preferred to steer away from abbreviations. He certainly wasn't up for the the shortened version of RATS in the the...
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