Partnerships Mean More Than Words

posted: 6 Feb 2013 comments: 0category:

I'm back on the train again heading north to Prague. This  will be a four hour train journey. For  the past few days we have been visiting a small congregation of the Evangelical Czech Brethren in the mining town of Orlova. It is a town very close to the Polish border.We have been meeting and sharing with a congregation that is trying to minister to a community of over 35,000 people. The Town is completely undermined and many of the houses around the church have been...
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All is not always what it seems

posted: 2 Feb 2013 comments: 2category:

What can I say this is now my fourth day in the Czech Republic. I had written one of the best blog posts ever and you know what, somehow it got deleted. Those of you who read the blog regularly will her notice that the look has changed. It also means that the software to write the blog has changed and I'm not as familiar with it as I was with Wordpress. Anyway I'm back again to try and reconstruct what I have written and perhaps add a few more stories.  Martha and I...
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St Paul's Cathedral and the Church of Scotland's Economic Commission Find Common Ground.

posted: 5 Dec 2012 comments: 0category:

20121205-205700.jpg It's now Wednesday evening and I'm heading up the road by rail hoping to be in Edinburgh just after 10.30pm. I'm sitting with the schedule outlining the visits we have made over the past 10 days. In my previous posts we managed to cover part of the trip up to last Wednesday. Thursday 29th November saw us arrive at the Chapter House of St Paul's Cathedral where we were met by the Dean Dr David Ison and the Chancellor Canon Mark Oakley. Both men made us most welcome and...
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Moderator Networking Across London and Beyond.

posted: 4 Dec 2012 comments: 0category:

We have been so busy these last few days that it has been difficult to keep the blog up to date. Anyway I'm back ready to tell you more about our adventures here in London. Last Wednesday we were the guests of the Secretary of State for Scotland. Unfortunately Michael Moore was unable to be with us as he had a speaking engagement in Edinburgh. However we were well looked after by the Rt Hon David Mundell. This was an opportunity to conduct a service in St Mary's Chapel,...
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The Edge is a Healing Place

posted: 13 Oct 2012 comments: 4category:

I'm going to post some pictures that describe what our visit has been like here in Galloway. Galloway is a beautiful spot that is on the south west edge of Scotland. Its a region that is often forgotten about and I believe some of the people who live here feel that sense of isolation but also in a strange way I think many of them revel in the isolation. Here is a picture of Lighthouse that is found just a few miles outside  Drommore, it is  the most southerly part of...
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