Sticks and Stones

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[kml_flashembed movie="" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]This Season of Remembrance draws from all of us a sense admiration and gratitude but also a great sense of sadness and disappointment. Its overwhelming as we consider that so many innocent people are the causalities of war. Its not just the soldiers and the immediate civillians caught in the crossfire. Its not just the people who have lost limbs Its literally...
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Saying Thank You

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I think it is a good thing that more and more people are observing the two minutes silence on the 11 November. I believe that a thousands of people in various locations stopped to reflect upon those ho have lost their lives. I think it must be an encouragement to those who returned home. It must give them a focus when they see ordinary people expressing their gratitute. I came across this video on Youtube I don't know what you think of it but I like the sentiment even it...
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Mrs Janes and Mr Brown

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no-10 We've had Mrs Jones and Mrs Robinson now we have Mrs Janes. I fear that Mr Brown knows there is nothing he can say to Mrs Janes that will ease her pain. His dilemna is what not to say. Those of us who have spent our lives around grieving families know how fagile bereaved parents can feel. The wrong word the wrong look the wrong name all compounds the wounds of loss and anxiety. The world is full of smart people. I have noticed how smart people are especially in...
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Aging Can make You Tough

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img_14463 I'm really enjoying these beautiful Autumn come Winter scenes here in Bo'ness. Just look and see how vibriant the colours were today. I was walking back from the church in the late morning. I think Grange Terrace has such a prestigious look about it. The tall trees that line the road must have some wonderful stories to tell. When the leaves begin to fall off the trees the view across the Forth is revealed. Its really quite mystical. Anyway here are some views along...
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Sanctuary First - beauty in holiness

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[gallery]Yesterday was a wonderfully cold crisp winter's day. The shades of light and the colours of the day were so beautiful. it was like walking through a water coloured world. Last night we had our Sanctuary First Service. It's always a struggle to get everything in place. The wonderful thing was it worked really well last night and people found the experience to be uplifting, challenging and meaningful. The Sanctuary First theme for the month of November is "An...
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Its the informal conferencing that often has the most value.

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I had a great time this evening. I've been at a conference about Emerging Church Issues and it has been most interesting. One of the keynote speakers was Bishop Graham Cray, It was good to hear him speak again. The first time I met Graham was when he came to speak as a worker for the Pathfinders Movement it was away back in the early 70s maybe even late 60s. Look I'm getting really ancient. Anyway I met up with him again when he invited me to join a missson team he was...
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