The Scarecrow Cross

posted: 7 Sep 2010 comments: 0category:

We had really good feed back on the Sanctuary First service last night. the theme Giard the Good seemed to strike a chord with anumber of people who attended. The thing that seemed to get people talking was the Scarecrow Cross. I think there is quite a bit of reflection needed on the whhole idea of the cross and the scarecrow. It seems to me that this image reminds me that God was in christ redeeming the world. Defeating evil. I guess this is the Christus Victor theory...
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Guard the Good Feed the Seed

posted: 5 Sep 2010 comments: 0category:

Here are some prayers we will use at Sanctuary First later on this evening. Sower God You sow seeds on our path On our Journey On our lives Dreams Hopes Ambitions Everything you sow is good Help Us Guard the Good Keep out the Doubt We will not allow the darkness to steal our light. Sower God You never give up sowing the seed Forgive us when we promise so much And deliver so little When we stand so tall one day...
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The Study or the Building Site

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The last month has been a bit of a shambles for me. I came back from holiday thinking I might decorate the study. I thought I'll get a new carpet and paint the walls. Well when I started I discovered there was a damp patch behind the book shelves and some of my books had been damaged by the damp. The joiner noticed the floor boards were saging and before long carpets were up, book cases where being taken off the walls and in a short space of time the garage was a store...
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