Prayer Pentecost and let's buy a boat!

posted: 9 Jun 2011 comments: 5category:

I'm looking forward to the weekend. Friday is going to be a busy day but its going to be interesting. I'm off to Humberside with a couple of Board members from the Vine Trust to look at two Fleet Tenders. You never know we might end up buying one of them. the vine Trust has decided to purchase another boat where it will end up will depend on a number of factors but we are convinced that there is an opportunity at this time to prepare a ship for future medical work....
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The Shaping Spirit of God

posted: 5 Jun 2011 comments: 3category:

[gallery] Sanctuary First was well received tonight. It was great that people took part and explored what it means to be shaped by the Spirit of God. The opening video featured Michael Jackson's iconic video in which we were reminded of the plurality of cultures and colours in the world. All these cultures impinge on all of us because we live in a global village. It is so easy to allow ourselves to be shaped by the philosophies of the people we live and work...
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Meet the Man From Bethlehem

posted: 2 Jun 2011 comments: 2category:

Today Sheena Orr our trainee minister flies out, along with a number of other ministers and theologians to visit Israel. During this visit Sheena will have an opportunity to reflect on the current political and religious divides in the Holy Land and perhaps bring back a more informed point of view for all of us consider. This year at the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland Douad Nassar,from Bethlehem was an invited guest. He came representing Christian...
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