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Well I'm back in in Scotland after a busy couple of weeks moving around Peru. I was glad that Willie insisted that we get seats at the front of the plane. We arrived late into Amsterdam and just reached the checking in gate for Edinburgh before it closed. I don't think either of us could have stuck another six hours in an airport. Anyway big thanks to Willie, he was a great travelling companion, we got on well and I believe we managed to move our projects on a little...
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Alpha and Forgivenesss

posted: 19 Sep 2008 comments: 1category:

We had our second 'Alpha Night' at the Inchyra last night. There was a good mix of people from different backgrounds and I'm sure its going to be once again an interesting life changing experience for a number of people. Our theme last night asked the question" Why did Jesus die?" It is an opportunity to talk about the central theme of Christianity namely, "Forgiveness" it seems to me that this is one of the central issues that faces all of humanity. All over the...
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Penitence and the Joy of Forgiveness

posted: 15 Mar 2008 comments: 3category:

In my last post I invited ministers and others to get out on the streets this Good Friday and share the Good News that sins can be forgiven. This forgiveness thing , is really causing a lot of heart searching in the congregation of St Andrew's Bo'ness.  R.T. Kendall's book on "Totally Forgiving Ourselves" has caused many people  over this Lenten period to reflect upon the importance of receiving the wonderful gift of "Grace" for themselves. Until we face up to our need...
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Offering Christ On The Street.

posted: 10 Mar 2008 comments: 10category:

Last year  on Good Friday I took some bread and wine and placed it on a busy Edinburgh Street. I was interested to see the response that people would have to the image. Click here to see the video.This year I feel drawn to take the whole image a bit further forward. I'd like to invite ministers the length and breadth of the country to join with me on Good Friday and take the Bread and Wine back on to the streets. I wonder if we should take the symbols of Calvary  out...
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Seeing is Believing

posted: 7 Feb 2008 comments: 1category:

Well, iTalker is back after being silent for a couple of weeks. Life has been pretty hectic trying to catch up with the work of the parish, after the trip to Peru. Some things have got to go or take a back seat  in order to make sure the essential things are completed. I guess the blog falls into that category. Now its not that you guys who read this are not important, its just that some things have to take that higher priority. Anyway I'm trying something...
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