The First Greenbelt Festival 1974

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dsc00791.JPG Well here's a wee bit of Christian rock'n roll history for you. I spent most of today clearing out my study. I came across a poster for the very first Greenbelt Festival in August 1974. Guess what, I played it ! And Just to prove it I've loaded up the poster. Today of course Greenbelt is one of the most important music and arts festivals in the Christian calander. I'm told around 20,000 people attend each year. I was the lead singer with a band known as the...
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CWW National Event 2008 - All you can't leave behind

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Police box Now what has a Police Box got to do with the above event? Well just watch and learn and see how you can manipulate pictures to have a relevance to your story. The newspapers do it all the time. iTalker is not called this for nothing. The plans for CWW National Event 2008 are beginning to take shape. I spent most of yesterday at meeting in the church's central offices taking the plans a little further. We've got a great title for the event. " All you can't leave...
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Mr Graham only a message boy

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images.jpg Since I was a wee boy, Billy Graham has fascinated me. I got the privilege to go a few years ago with a group of church leaders from Scotland to visit the Billy Graham Centre in Charlotte. I made a video when I was there of the town itself. If I can dig it out I might put it up. Anyway I was interested in an e-mail that arrived in my box, from a fellow minister, yesterday about Billy Graham and what could be his last preaching engagement. In truth I think Graham...
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Friday Night.

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iquitos It's true what they say songs take on a life of their own. If you are a songwriter you always have to be prepared to give it away. In reality it never belongs to you in the first place. Many people contribute to the ideas that make up a song. A few years ago I wrote this song after hearing a story Willie MacPherson told me. He was describing the above shanty town known as Port of Belen built on a sewer that serves the city of Iquitos deep in the Amazonian Jungle. I was...
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