Bono Would Be Proud

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A girl sings on the street From the back of her throat Her voice sings U2 Bono would be proud No stadium to rock Just a few pigeons And a couple of old age pensioners Tapping their feet The Holy Trinity is behind her " With or without you " Echoes off the walls She gives herself away Sharing songs on a lunchtime break She's coined a phrase earned her lunch She has to Run Amy MacDonald couldn't do better We visited St Andrew's today. The town is...
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Bogle Band - Friday Night Sunday's Comin'

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[flv width="320" height="240"][/flv] A few years ago I co-wrote this song with Iain Jamieson it was a reflection on a story I had heard about street children in Peru being sold for sex. It was at the same time we in the Vine Trust had sent our first medical ship to work on the Amazon. The Ship was sailing the Atlantic during 9/11 henece the pictures to link boat and 9/11 together. As for the title well I heard Tony...
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Get Read Get Set TEXT Bible 40 to 80806

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img_0714 Just back from Sanctuary First. the theme was all about moving from one space ro another . It was about helping us see that the way to  bring about change in the life of the church is to be prepared to make the appropriate sacrifice. Although it was a Bank Holiday weekend we were delighted to have a number of friends join with us in the worship.  We were pomoting the C40 programme. this is our made up Discipleship programme. So if you want to join the Challenge...
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Its the second day in the new year and war seems to be round the corner for the Palastinians and the Israelis. Have a look at this Rueters web page my heart goes out to such people caught up in the middle of years of mistrust and injustice on both sides. I'm wondering where Tony Blair is in all this? I thought he was the special emissary in the middle east? I haven't heard his name mentioned once in the news. I wonder of Israel and Hamas are escalating all this...
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Broken…but not beyond repair!

posted: 3 Nov 2008 comments: 1category:

I was speaking to someone at the end of last week. We ended up talking about the fact that God often uses the things in our lives that we are ashamed of to make us into better people. The cracks and the scars still remain but they make us more valuable. I told the person this story. When I was a young minister i used to take my daughter out on some of my parish visits. One day an elderly lady gave SJ a present. It was a dolls cup and saucer, one that she had when...
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