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Look see me I'm browned off Brassed off cheesed off I mean it I'm really cheesed off I don't like this feelin I'm cheesed off With God – why me - why all this suffering ? I'm cheesed off With work – why me - why all this pressure ? I'm cheesed off With my credit card – the interest rate is too high! I'm cheesed off With my family - surely its not always my fault I'm cheesed off With religion – they're all hypocites I'm cheesed off...
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Remembrance Sunday

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[youtube][/youtube]Cold damp November Sunday morning Boots and berries Top and toe, comrades who once fought a common foe. They march in solidarity to remember what they have tried to forget. Its sixty five years for some since the guns fell silent. For others the guns still pound in their heads and in their hands Their wounds are still fresh Flesh and blood bind them together Like brothers and sisters in each...
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Guard the Good Feed the Seed

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Here are some prayers we will use at Sanctuary First later on this evening. Sower God You sow seeds on our path On our Journey On our lives Dreams Hopes Ambitions Everything you sow is good Help Us Guard the Good Keep out the Doubt We will not allow the darkness to steal our light. Sower God You never give up sowing the seed Forgive us when we promise so much And deliver so little When we stand so tall one day...
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Inchcolm Abbey

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Here is sanctuary Gulls are singing praise to God Stone and wood Touch earth and sky with grace The river laps the sand with ease Ancient sounds of monks are heard in the breeze Singing songs and chants of praise Holy Holy is the Lord Colm's island speaks of God Hermit prayers can still be heard Saints and sinners voices cry Amidst the ruins of our time Forgive our sins, redeem our lives We cry for sanctuary Prayer never ceases it cannot die It...
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Cross Spaced Shape

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If your reading this blog and live near Bo'ness why not make a date and come and worship with us on Sunday 2 May at 6.30pm and share in our next Sanctuary First Service. If you live on the other side of the planet why not log in and share with us here in Bo'ness as we stream out live our contemporary multimedia worship service. Just press the live stream button. If you are looking for worship that is creative and biblical, reflective and...
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