Hope Returns!

posted: 31 May 2012 comments: 2category:

Being a minister of the Gospel is a great privilege. Yesterday I had the unique opportunity to preach at the Scottish War Memorial in Edinburgh Castle. This is a service that takes place every year. It is a chance to remember and support in prayer all those who carry with them the wounds and scars of war and who feel the loss and pain of bereavement. It is a special service in that it seeks to highlight Scots who have given the greatest sacrifice of all. While there is...
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Christmas means…

posted: 23 Dec 2011 comments: 0category:

Christmas means… God has not forgotten us We are not on our own "God is with us" He holds time and eternity in one hand And ours in the other Christmas means… God is in conversation with us He has spoken a Word A huge Word An all-encompassing Word A Word that makes all other words sound redundant This spoken Word became a human being Jesus His life was The Word lived out in time For eternity Christmas means… God is waiting for our reply So...
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Looking For Meaning

posted: 10 May 2011 comments: 1category:

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oaO_-_Z5dfA[/youtube] We leave no stone unturned Looking for meaning Searching for more We often become the stones ourselves Frantically looking Patiently hoping to see Someone Something Longing To recognize a familiar Sign Or saying Or smile But everything looks the same Yet nothing remains the same Everything is turning Changing but remaining empty Our hearts beat faster Time is ticking away We are still...
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Sharing Communion on the street on Good Friday?

posted: 17 Mar 2011 comments: 0category:

Today I started to put together a number of articles for the Parish Network. Its the new name we're giving to our church broadsheet that we distribute around the parish. It go me thinking about some of the things we might plan for Holy Week. Before long I was reflecting on the amazing experience I had a few years ago when I took the bread and the wine out into the streets on Good Friday. It was a a profound experience. Taking Christ to the busy street on Good Friday....
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Its A New Dawn Its a New Year

posted: 1 Jan 2011 comments: 0category:

O Lord, It's a new day It's a new dawn Can I have a new start I'd like to start from the inside out You know not so much style more substance So could I please have a new attitude? Help me be the change maker in my family in my workplace in my church Among my friends Guard my lips Teach me how to listen Not only to others but to myself It's not what I say that causes offence Its how I say it Lord One more thing I'm sorry about my prayer life It's...
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