Go on make church a happy place.

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I'm hoping to get a new picture up on the blog maybe this week. But you know something they tell me its going to snow tonight. So maybe `I should wait another week. Its good to begin to hear feedback about the Lenten Groups that started up and also that others are finding the texting service encouraging. I've been thinking we need to make church a welcoming and engaging experience. So I'm thinking about offering coffee and doughnuts to the congregation as they come in on...
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Bible Follow 80806

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I told you about the service last night. if you'd like to have a look Click This is our monthly interactive media service. Last night we invited all those who wanted support to follow Jesus to text the words BIBLE FOLLOW to 80806. We're now going to be sending everyone who texts the numbers words of encouragement as they seek to travel through the lenten period. We hope this will be a practical aid inhelping people focus on their call to discipleship. So if you're...
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Over the last few days I've been under a bit of pressure to get the CWW Report finished to be included in the Annual Reports that are given to the General Assembly. I 've also been working with Rae to finish off the material for Sanctuary First. Anyway tonight's service went really well. Here is a sample of one of the clips we used. Rae and Lauren did a great job working under pressure to produce this little film. The theme tonight was all about laying down burdens...
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