What Would Jesus Say To Gordon Brown?

posted: 6 Jun 2009 comments: 5category:

gordonbrown Anyway all this talk of conflict in the government  and leadership criticism  of the Prime Minister reminds me of a few letters I've received  in my time  and I'm just a  humble Parish Minister.  What people forget is  it can be hurtful and especially to your family. The truth of the matter is you will never please everyone. I learned that lesson and continue to learn it.  All this  has made me  feel a little bit of sympathy for the under dog, especially...
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Facing up to our secrets and lies.

posted: 4 Jun 2009 comments: 2category:

SANCTUARY FIRST I'm cracking on with the material for the Sanctuary First Service this Sunday. The theme is all about "Loose Ends". We live in a world full of loose ends. Its a messy business living. Often we'd like to make everything fit. But one size doesn't fit all. We have to make adjustments for each other, in doing so that is where the problems lie. We end up having loose ends. I think we all carry heavy burdens of guilt and regret. The "if only" scenario...
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Vine Trust and Sanctus Media

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VINE TRUST We were at a brilliant Barbecue on Saturday in aid of raising funds for the work of the  Vine Trust This was a real heavy duty barbe! Steaks all round! I believe they were bought at the auction in the Roxburghe Hotel last January. So the meat was put to good use to earn more money for the Trust. I'd like to say huge thanks to Gordon Stewart and his team of helpers  for putting on an excellent event. Of course the weather helped to make it an outstanding...
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